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How the man who has everything loses it all, gets it all back, and gets laid in the process.

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Brian Interview:

Brian was the subject of a great David DeAngelo interview for his Interviews with Dating Gurus CD series. I really liked what I heard but wanted to get more details and David D. has courteously put me in touch with Brian and I asked him if he would do another interview for my list. It turns out that Brian has been a subscriber to these emails so my request fell on sympathetic ears. What follows is what I consider a great piece from someone who has truly mastered the art of dealing with women.

Clifford: Brian, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for my list. How about we start with a short introduction about yourself (not everyone got the DYD interviewor will necessarily remember it)?

Brian: Of course we have to start with introductions, my least favorite part! LOL

I am an entrepreneur, owned my own engineering & manufacturing company for 8 years or so, was a millionaire before I was 30, bankrupt by 32. Currently (at 34), I put together investment real estate deals (as money allows), and I am working at setting up a new website to teach people how to use their money to make money.

The company will be open for business next week. My initial response rate has been huge, so I see this company exploding (

However, it's very similar to when I first started my company. My net worth is growing, but I am broke. LOL It's a good thing I don't take women out on dates.

Before, when I was a millionaire, I did "buy" my dates. I owned a new Vette, new truck, motorcycle, boats, wave runners, etc. I even had remote control boats to race in the pool, while we sat in the hot tub. Now, with all of this, I had all kinds of dates. I dated Hooters girls, models, centerfolds, and the hottest women around.

I did not, however, have any skills in actually dealing with women. Being wealthy kept the demand for me high, which naturally led to me not chasing, so women pursued me. I still didn't handle them correctly though, because I spent TONS of money taking women on cruises, or trips, shopping sprees, etc. This became painfully obvious after my brief marriage, and very bitter & expensive divorce. My ex wife was the hottest woman I ever "bought," and after the divorce, and during the bankruptcy I found my natural chick magnets (money and toys) were gone. So I had to learn how to attract women without money or toys (when I say I was broke, I mean like I couldn't afford to even drop $50 for dinner). I also got custody of my son (10 months at the time, just turned 4), so I don't have the freedom I use to have in dating women and spending time with them.

Currently, I have gotten bored. There are four women I have been seeing for over a year (18, 22, 25 & 31). In addition, I have slept with 60 or 70 women in the last 2 years. I finally learned how to attract women, and still not impress or buy them.

Most of the women have been between the age of 18 to 25, but some have been as old as 49 (aerobics instructor who is soooo hot). Also, I have only had like one or two one night stands in the last year, so most of these women have stayed around for a while, even though they know I am seeing others, and I don't take them out.

Also, I don't sleep around like I did right after my divorce. While I was learning how to attract women with just my personality, I did sleep with lots of hot women, but now, given the diseases and moral issues with hundreds of women, I tend to be VERY picky, and just keep the hot women who also have great personalities and something going on in their life around. I use to think quantity, now I am all about quality. Of course this comes from getting to the point where I have lots of choice.

I do, however, flirt and test all women.

Clifford: I would like to get into a bit more detail about your dating history - you say you "bought" your dates when you had a lot of money, but how did that actually happen? What I mean is, how did you meet them, did they just see the trappings of wealth and pursue you (as you indicate above) or did you do or say certain things to let them know that you had money - what I am driving at is that I know that a lot of guys who are reading this think that there are certain "hooks" that attract women in the world outside (eg. looks, fame, money, etc.) but it's rare

that we get an insight to what that actually is like (since most of them have no real idea of what being wealthy is like and many probably think they will get all these women "when" they do get rich). I know in your interview you talked about how you were just hanging out with the woman that became your wife, that you had by chance made the right moves - I think there's a bit more to the actual process than to just produce your bank account statement.

Brian: I bought my dates in lot's of different ways. For example, when I met Mrs. Hawaiian Tropicana, I was in my Vette, dressed very nice, and was just walking into a patio bar. She was very hot, with long brown hair. Well, she saw me getting out of my car (we are just a few cars away from each other). I say hi (I cringe thinking about what a jack ass I was back then), and she says like "nice car." I agree, we talk briefly, with her asking me what I do, and me bragging about the company I own. Anyway, got her number and called for a first date. That date was me taking her out in a limo for an expensive dinner and dancing, roses and

champagne included. When I asked for the date, I told her what I had in mind (limo and the restaurant The Polo Club). Anyway, that first date cost me close to a grand. Some of our future dates were cruises and

weekend trips to Florida. All told, I probably spent $15K in two months on her. I honestly felt I had to spend cash to keep girls interested. Now, I date the same girls or hotter, I am older, and they have to buy their own beer when we go out. LOL

Another example would be the bar I frequented back then. I was a regular at a little tavern that was a great Friday night hangout. At one point or another every person in town seemed to come through. I spent so much cash there, they would reserve the two best tables in the bar for me and my group. A typical bar tab on a Friday night was close to a grand. I would see a table of hot girls, and just pick up their tab, or send them a $100 pitcher of shots (not just one but 20 or so). Once again, I spent cash to get women's attention, and it worked. The downside is I felt kinda trapped. Sometimes I resented always dropping that much cash, and there were always guys and girls who came around just for the crumbs of the money I spent. I knew I was being used, but I got laid fairly regularly (not like now, but still better than most) and just figured that was the price of having hot women. 

Now, when you date lots of hot women, and spend lots of money on these women, they talk. And yes, many times women would seek me out, just cause their girlfriend told them about the money I had, or my house or whatever, and that would get the girl interested. So, over half the women just heard or saw the trappings of wealth, and showed interest. That was my cue to try and impress them.

And Clifford, honestly, if you have money you can buy women. You can spend money on your car and clothes to attract them, buy the whole bar a round of drinks, brag about your wealth, and you will date hot women. But most of the time the relationship feels a lot like being at a strip club. Want to see some tit, drop some cash. Even more for a lap dance. Do you honestly think the girl likes you?

And you know, most women are taught to want a guy like that. They really try to like/love you. They see you as a great provider, who obviously likes them. But deep down that type of behavior is repelling to them. Even though it isn't discussed you both know you are paying for their affections. They won't respect you, and I just can't see a relationship starting like that working.

As far as my ex, yeah that started different. I knew her for about 3 years before I got my first date. After high school she started working for my accountant, and did modeling. I always flirted, with little or no reciprocation on her side. Then one day at her office I noticed she seemed upset. She had just broken up with her bf (a month or so earlier) and the new guy she was dating was being a dick. For the first time in three years I didn't flirt, I just related to her. I never figured I had a chance. A little after that I was on my bike and I ran into her. I offered her a ride, which she accepted. We headed out of town, riding on the back roads. I took us up to the lake and spill way, where we walked a bit. We just skipped rocks in the creek and bs'd about guy/girl problems. I never thought I had a chance (she is that beautiful), so I never even tried. I was 29, she was 20. On the ride back to town, she kissed my neck, and that night I slept with her. If I would have had my skill

with women now, I would probably still be with her. I treated her like all the other girls though, spending $500 a month just to send her flowers every other day, and buying her a new car and stuff.

After our brutal divorce she became my guinea pig. Every new tactic or ah-ha I had when learning about attraction got used on her. For the last year she had been laying down lots of hints about getting back with me, but I just can never go back.

Too many things have been said and done on her part.

Clifford: Ok, lets move on to the change. I remember that in your DYD interview it appeared that the DYD materials were really the springboard for you "getting it."

But many guys read the DYD and other materials and, while understanding it, don't "get it." Can you go into detail about your transformation? What insight can you give to those who haven't been able to truly grasp how attraction works?

Brian: Yes, from the material I read, DYD was the best start. But it is, as you wrote, just a spring board. The one thing that David D. wrote that none (or very few others did) was that he kept a journal and made notes. Well, this gave me the idea and I did the same thing. And I used lots of his, and other people's ideas to practice and try. You see, I didn't "get it" when I first read it either. I was going through my divorce and bankruptcy when I started this research. I knew I wouldn't be having sex till after the divorce cause I wanted custody of my child, and I refused to give her any ammunition. But damn man, I was frustrated, the woman I

loved walked out on me and Jr., my company was going down the tubes, I felt lonely, trapped and basically angered. Now, angered is down playing it. So, after looking back at the money I spent on women, and the bragging and showing off I tried to do to impress them, I realized I was 31, with very few female friends. In all truth, take away the money and I didn't have what it took to get a date.

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